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  1. Nanuk-923-LK01-Rugged Case
    Nanuk 923 Laptop Case
    Designed to fit most 15" laptops, the NANUK 923 laptop case takes protection to a new level. The molded interior has been engineered to protect your laptop from the dangers of travel and use in potentially harmful environments while providing generous space for accessories and other necessities in both the lid and under the laptop.
    Manufacturer/Brand: Nanuk      Part No: 923-LK01

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  2. Nanuk-920-Rugged Case
    NANUK 920 Rugged Protective Case
    the Rugged NANUK 920 is the perfect fit for your camera gear and accessories. The rugged NK-7 resin ensures the protective case is four-season ready and remains tightly fastened with its patented PowerClaw latches.
    Manufacturer/Brand: Nanuk      Part No: 920

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  3. Nanuk-923-Rugged Case
    NANUK 923 Rugged Protective Case
    Sleek, stylish, and insanely rugged, the Rugged NANUK 923 boasts the same tough shell, patented PowerClaw latching system, and waterproof design as all Medium Cases, but it also comes with a few thoughtful features that make this the perfect case for your personal electronics. Rubber feet provide secure grip on all surfaces without scratching, while the two standard TSA locking latches protect your gear during your travels. The spring loaded handle retracts when not in use and the reinforced padlock eyelets add another layer of protection for your expensive equipment. Protection never looked so good.
    Manufacturer/Brand: Nanuk      Part No: 923

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  4. Nanuk-925-Rugged Case
    NANUK 925 Rugged Protective Case
    With the Rugged NANUK 925, valuable media equipment arrives to its destination scratch-free. Get it wet and let it tumble. This waterproof, rugged case offers an optional cubed foam interior for fully customizable protection. Pair that with the PowerClaw latching system and the elements don't stand a chance.
    Manufacturer/Brand: Nanuk      Part No: 925

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  5. Nanuk-930-Rugged Case
    NANUK 930 Rugged Protective Case
    The lightweight NANUK 930 secures bulkier equipment that are sensitive to the elements. It's waterproof, bolstered by an NK-7 resin shell and stays shut tight with its PowerClaw latching system. It's perfect for transporting everything from medical equipment to drones and camera accessories.
    Manufacturer/Brand: Nanuk      Part No: 930

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  6. Nanuk-933-Rugged Case
    NANUK 933 Rugged Protective Case
    Everything from drones to medical equipment can be accommodated by the Rugged NANUK Large 933. It's IP67 Waterproof Rated, which means not a drop gets in. It also stands up to shocks, dust and just about any threat to your sensitive gear. Built strong with its NK-7 resin armor and PowerClaw latches, it's the sturdiest transportation accessory you'll ever own.
    Manufacturer/Brand: Nanuk      Part No: 933

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  7. Nanuk-935-Rugged Case
    NANUK 935 Rugged Protective Case
    Three soft grip handles make this wheeled case one of the most convenient on the market. the Rugged NANUK 935's polyurethane wheels withstand rough terrains while the one handed retractable handle offers unparalleled usability. No matter where you go you're guaranteed a smooth ride. For total equipment protection, look no further than the 935's waterproof resin shell and patented PowerClaw latches.
    Manufacturer/Brand: Nanuk      Part No: 935

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  8. Nanuk-940-Rugged Case
    NANUK 940 Rugged Protective Case
    Your equipment receives first-class protection with the Rugged NANUK large 940. It features an integrated bezel system, patented PowerClaw latches and an impact-resistant shell that's weatherproof, crush resistant, dust proof, and lightweight. Definitely a welcome bonus when you're lugging around your heavy gear.
    Manufacturer/Brand: Nanuk      Part No: 940

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  9. Nanuk-945-Rugged Case
    NANUK 945 Rugged Protective Case
    Even the most turbulent conditions don't stand a chance against the Rugged NANUK Large 945. With its four PowerClaw latches and NK-7 resin shell, it's the perfect case for medical equipment, camera gear, firearms, drones, and any other bulky valuables. Totally waterproof, the protective case also withstands extreme temperatures.
    Manufacturer/Brand: Nanuk      Part No: 945

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  10. Nanuk-950-Rugged Case
    NANUK 950 Rugged Protective Case
    the Rugged NANUK 950 makes moving heavy equipment easy. Its polyurethane wheels are smooth on all terrains and the one-handed retractable handle gets you from point A to B without breaking a sweat. Get the same tough PowerClaw latching system and impenetrable NK-7 resin shell but with wheeled convenience.
    Manufacturer/Brand: Nanuk      Part No: 950

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