Stage & Configuration

Rugged Limited is renowned hardware and IT equipment supplier. We perform multiple checks, staging, and configuration testing prior to installation. This helps us to understand your existing infrastructure, your needs, and business in a better and more complete way so that we can provide you with the best selection of our services, minimising the disruption to your business.

We will do real-time examinations of your equipment to verify all hardware, software, and programs are ready for optimum functioning. This guarantees quick and easy installation at your site with minimal issues, saving you both time and manpower.

We know that transporting your specialised equipment to multiple sites around the country and then having them arranged on-site is very costly and time-consuming. Rugged Limited will help you in reducing these costs and time requirements. We will help to speed your deployments by staging your equipment in-house by our certified expert technicians. This will significantly decrease the time and effort required by your technicians. We will also perform quality checks and identify errors with hardware or configurations at our centre. This will enable you to devote less on these avoidable matters later. Rugged Limited’s staging services will increase your productivity and decrease your costs in upgrading hardware.


Staging is an essential step in hardware installation as a damaged component will likely create a problem later at your site. Rugged Limited‘s staging services include a wide variety of methodical staging and configuration steps that enable us to ensure a consistent start-up once you receive the equipment. At the pre-staging phase, we inspect, fix, and replace all damaged components and make sure that you receive fully functional hardware on site and on time.


We also perform a series of tests and checks to verify that all hardware is functioning correctly and communicating with the system as whole according to your pre-defined protocols.

Our qualified technicians will pre-set the settings and configurations that you specify so that your system is ready to use once it is installed at your site. This service will certainly reduce the time and effort spent on setting up the hardware and also eliminate any issues and problems related to equipment or software itself.

Our service will decrease your hassle during the installation and start-up of your hardware at your site. Our staging and configuration service will save you both the time and energy your team would spend on setting up the system. This will also identify defects earlier and enable us to replace or fix problem components for you, which will reduce your need for emergency technicians and thus help meet time requirements and bottom lines.

Asset Tagging and Tracking

Rugged offers various forms of asset tagging and tracking solutions. Asset tracking refers to the method of tracking physical assets, either by scanning barcode labels attached to the assets or by using tags using BLE, GPS or RFID which broadcast their location. For more information on this service and solution available, please contact us with your requirements.

What to learn more?

Contact Rugged Limited to find out more about our hardware staging and configuration services and take advantage of the benefits of our experience in staging and configuration service for your hardware requirements.