NANUK 930 Battery Case For Dji Matrice 200 Series Drone


Availabilty: 5-7 Days

Your DJI™ TB50 and TB55 Intelligent flight batteries and charging accessories gets the maximum level of protection with custom-made protective case.

930-DJI-BAT Features

  • Impact Resistant Protective Case
  • Made From NK-7 Resin Material
  • Waterproof & Dustproof
  • Lightweight
  • PowerClaw Latching System

930-DJI-BAT Rugged Case Options

Built to organize, protect, carry and survive tough conditions, the NANUK 930 waterproof hard case is impenetrable and indestructible with a lightweight tough NK-7 resin shell and PowerClaw superior latching system. With NANUK’s exclusive locking and latching system, your case stays shut and secured until you are ready to open it.

Your DJI™ TB50 and TB55 Intelligent flight batteries and charging accessories get the maximum level of protection with a custom-made protective case.

With this version of the 930, DJI™ Matrice M200 series drone batteries are fully protected. The pre-cut foam fits up to eighteen (18) TB55 batteries or eighteen (18) TB50 batteries. Each of the eighteen cavities has a removable insert to accommodate the larger, TB55 batteries. In fact, the NANUK 930 Battery Case for DJI Matric M200 Series Drone can hold any combination of eighteen (18) TB50 or TB55 batteries.

The NANUK 930 Battery case for DJI™ Matrice M200 Series (TB50 and TB55 Batteries) comes with a soft grip and ergonomic handle to make it easy to transport.

It also features stainless steel hardware and integrated handle stay to keep the handle out of harm when travelling or during shipping.

This transport case is also equipped with an automatic pressure release valve and an integrated bezel system to accommodate custom panels without needing to drill holes so the case stays watertight. Combine it with a NANUK neoprene shoulder strap with Aircell™ comfort technology to make transportation even smoother.

This MIL-Spec injection moulded case is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Manufacturer Nanuk
IP Rating IP67
Housing Colour Black, Silver, Graphite, Olive, Yellow, Orange
Certifications Waterproof IPX7, Dustproof IP6X, ATA 300-CAT 1, ASTM D-4169-DC-18 (Drop, Vibration & Rainfall), MIL-STD-810F(Imersion), RoHs
Operating Temperature Min -20 Degrees F (-29 Degrees C ) Max 140 Degrees F (60 Degrees C)
Storage Temperature Min -20 Degrees F (-29 Degrees C ) Max 140 Degrees F (60 Degrees C)
Shock ASTM D-4169 DC-18 - VIBRATION
Dimensions L19.8" W16.0" H7.6"L503mm W406mm H193mm
Warranty Conditional Lifetime Guarantee
Series LARGE
Interior Dimensions (L x W x H) L18.0" W13.0" H6.9"L457mm W330mm H175mm
Exterior dimensions (L x W x H) L19.8" W16.0" H7.6"L503mm W406mm H193mm
Lid Depth 2.1" | 53mm
Base Depth 4.8" | 121mm
Case Material NK-7 Resin
Internal Volume 0.93 cu.ft (26.3 L)
Max Buoyancy 65 lb | 29.5 kg
Temperature Rating Min -20 Degrees F (-29 Degrees C ) Max 140 Degrees F (60 Degrees C)
Water Resistant Yes, Water Resistant (IP67)
Airline Check-in Yes
Airline Cabin Carry-on Yes
With our highly trained in house technical team and strong relationship with our manufacturers, we can offer numerous options and configurations for the Nanuk 930-DJI-BAT Rugged Case to suit your requirements. These options include:

  • Custom Logo
  • Case Colour
  • Laser Etching
  • Custom Internal Panels
  • Custom Printing
  • Custom Foam Interior

If your application requires unusual or individual modifications not listed above for the Nanuk 930-DJI-BAT Rugged Case, please contact us with your exact requirements and we will help create a custom solution to meet your needs.

The Nanuk 930-DJI-BAT Rugged Case has a Conditional Lifetime Guarantee against defects in workmanship and materials from the date of shipment, (unless otherwise agreed in writing)

To obtain service under this warranty, the warranty-eligible product, Nanuk 930-DJI-BAT Rugged Case, must be presented to us here in the UK.

For further information on the above or for repairs and service outside the the scope of warranty, please visit the warranty section of our webiste.