Maintenance & Repair

We'd love to be able to say that none of our products will ever need repair, but we know that's not the case. Even though everything we supply is built to the highest quality standards, things can occasionally go wrong. The important thing is that, when it happens, you can get help quickly and easily.

Our Warranty To You

To original purchasers of our products, we can offer upto 5 years warranty on selected products against defects in workmanship or materials. If you have a problem, return the item to us and we'll either repair it, replace it or refund your money. For details of what the warranty covers, exclusions and how to make a claim under your warranty, see here.

Returning For Repair

If one of your products isn't working properly, the best thing to do is to return it to us so we can investigate the problem. Our technical team will do all they can to resolve the issue in the shortest possible time frame.

Download and complete our Return Material Authorization (RMA) form - you'll need the product serial number, a description of the problem, the date of purchase and invoice number and your contact details


Return Process

  • Download and complete our Return Material Authorization (RMA) form
  • Email the form to us and we will issue a RMA number by return - Retain your RMA number for future reference
  • Return the product to us in its original packing if possible
  • When we receive your product, our technical department will assess the problem
  • If your product is no longer under warranty, we'll inform you in advance how much any work is going to cost
  • Repair will be undertaken once payment has been received and we'll ship your product back to you